Disco Tropicana The Groove Supplier Star

Out now: The Groove Supplier – Star (feat. YOGI)

Following his successful debut release 'The Light', Dutch DJ and producer The Groove Supplier returns to Disco Tropicana Records with another funk and disco inspired dance floor jam. This time, he teamed up with vocalist Yogi to record 'Star', a song about falling in love with the most beautiful woman in the discotheque.

How one sample pack defined pop music in 2020’s

A revival of disco and retro sounds has taken mainstream pop by storm, that much is clear. From The Weeknd to Dua Lipa, from Raye to Justin Timberlake: many big names took advantage of the legacy of the 80s. But did you know that one sample pack is used so often that it has a major influence on this revival?

How Ultra Naté made the ultimate anthem of freedom

Crossover hit Ultra Naté – Free became an anthem about freedom almost immediately, being adopted as an empowerment anthem among the LGBTQ+ community, before getting catapulted back onto the dance floors as an anthem in a post-pandemic world. So how did a small idea in the studio grew into one of the ultimate anthems of freedom?

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