Play My Game | Disco Tropicana Records

It took three countries to finish ‘Play My Game’

‘Play My Game’ is the outcome of a unique collaboration of artists living across the globe and the newest release on Disco Tropicana Records. The song is a collaboration between established vocalist Shurakano, which you may know from earlier work with Junior Jack, Kid Creme and Hardwell, a New York City disco string ensemble and Dutch DJ/producer Nothing But Funk. Bryan Raets delivered additional input on keys.

The track is a disco house cut balancing between modern day disco and soulful house music. While the strings have been recorded in the beloved disco city New York by a live string ensemble, Shurakano delivered a hooky vocal recording directly from a session in Brussels. All at the same time when Nothing But Funk arranged the whole song, finishing it up with percussive drums, slick guitar licks, a pumping bass line and rhythmic keys by Bryan Raets. A true dance floor track for all disco and soulful house deejays. Dancing guaranteed.

The track has been released in four different versions, including an orchestral intro mix for all deejays starting up their set and an instrumental mix for all mash-up deejays out there.

Nothing But Funk ft. Shurakano – Play My Game is available on all streaming platforms and also available through Beatport and iTunes.

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