Celebrating one year of Disco Tropicana Records!

We are celebrating our first anniversary and 10th release with a special record: a remix of a song by Swedish/American funk band The Neon Romeoz, remixed by the Amsterdam producer The Groove Supplier. Not only that, band members of Prince and one of the singers of the famous hit ‘Alcazar – Crying At The Discotheque’ contributed to this song.

As one of the permanent members of the Disco Tropicana collective, The Groove Supplier was also responsible for the label’s first release. This song ‘The Light’ was picked up worldwide by funk and disco enthusiasts and made it to Gerard Ekdom’s show on Radio 10 and the daily rotation on radio station Sublime FM in The Netherlands. For his next song, he came across a song by the Swedish band The Neon Romeoz and asked them for permission to edit it into a contemporary remix, suitable for the Disco Tropicana dance floors. That was allowed, and High Class Lover (The Groove Supplier Remix) is released on Friday the 27th  of January.

Working with band members of Prince and Alcazar

The Neon Romeoz is a Swedish super funk band that regularly records music with well-known guest musicians. For example, on this record ‘High Class Lover’ they collaborated with the American musician St. Paul Peterson, who previously gained fame with a guest role in the film Purple Rain and performed as one of Prince’s permanent band members. American guest musician Jason Peterson DeLaire has also previously collaborated with Prince and Michael Bolton, among others. However, the star cast does not stop there, because Andreas Lundstedt, known for the world hit ‘Alcazar – Crying At The Discotheque’, provides a guest contribution to this release. The icing on the cake comes from The Groove Supplier who summarizes all these influences in a up tempo electronic nu-disco remix.

 Entitled ‘The Neon Romeoz, Andreas Lundstedt – High Class Lover (feat. Jason Peterson DeLaire and St. Peterson) – The Groove Supplier Remix’, this song is available on all music streaming services from Friday, January 27 and available on download platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Beatport .


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